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  • Cladding
  • Conservatories
  • Doors
  • Fascias
  • Soffits
  • Windows
  • 6 year protection
  • Long Lasting Colour
  • Rainproof in under 30 minutes

Rainproof in just 30 minutes and can be applied twice in one day for up to six years protection.

Painting Instructions

Painting Instructions

Stir thoroughly before and during application. New/bare wood: 2 - 3 coats. Previously woodstained: 1 - 2 coats. Subsequent maintenance: 1 - 2 coats. For best results use a good quality synthetic bristle brush. Try wetting your brush with water before you start. Work quickly using the minimum number of strokes. Do not apply at temperates below 8C or above 25C, when rain is imminent or in damp conditions.

Brush Care

Remove as much of the product as possible from brushes before cleaning with soapy water.

Rainproof in under 30 minutes Touch Dry 1 hour Recoat 4-6 hours
Water Based
Synthetic Bristle Brush

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