Antique Pine

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Sample pots are to test colour and available in a matt finish only


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  • Conservatories
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Flexible
  • Suitable for Joinery
  • Water repellent

Sadolin Extra is a durable woodstain for all softwood and hardwood apart from decking or areas subject to heavy wear or abrasion.

Painting Instructions

Painting Instructions

Ensure any surfaces to be stained are clean and dry. Stir well before and during application. Do not apply at temperatures below 8C or above 25C, in damp conditions or when rain is imminent. Touch in any bare areas to match the surrounding colour. Avoid over brushing as this will result in brush marks. Lightly de-nib between coats if there is any raised grain. New work requires a two coat application. Maintenance will require 1 or 2 coats depending on the amount of weathering that has occured.

Brush Care

Remove as much of the product as possible from brushes before cleaning with a proprietary cleaner.

Touch Dry 4-6 hours. Recoat 16-24 hours.
Solvent Based
Synthetic Bristle Brush

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Antique Pine

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