Spring / Summer 2021

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People remain fearful and doubtful of what a post Covid 19 world might mean for issues close to their hearts, their family, their health, their jobs, their finances. More than any other group, these people are searching for happiness and are finding it through colour. They seek a place of sanctuary and see their home and their family as a safe space.

Cocoon embraces people with a palette of soft neutral tones. Furnishings are natural wools and soft drapes that are comforting to touch. Furniture has been designed to envelop with ergonomic shapes and enveloping fabrics. There are no rough textures or angles in this trend - it’s all about curves and soft edges.

Restful, natural, modern and uncluttered, Cocoon conveys a sense of calm.

Mood film

Soft, neutral tones that convey a calm, restful, natural, modern and uncluttered surrounding.