Autumn / Winter 2020

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Structures is a graceful tribute to brutalism.

Devised as an economic solution to depressed and war-ravaged communities throughout the mid-20th century, brutalist buildings are themselves a product of grit and endurance. Despite its harsh reputation, these buildings are vulnerable to the outside world.

Once intimidating, nature has recaptured the beauty of these structures.

The use of concrete is raw and unpretentious, revealing the bones of its construction. Its fierce angles cast light and shadow across every surface, combined with colourful flecks of rust and moss, like wrinkles across an ageing urban landscape.

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The colourful complexity of the architecture is reflected in the palette, featuring a soft grey suede that absorbs light and casts shade.

The addition of warm gold, dark green and metallic copper serve as a reminder that brutalism is not one dimensional, but everchanging.

The contrast between colour and textures is crucial to creating the Structures palette.