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Monochrome is one colour presented in different values and intensities. And our chosen colour is, of course, black. The opitome of sharp sophistication.

There will always be a place for using bright and vivacious colour in the home, but it's often the simplest colour combinations that create the most impact. Far from one-dimensional, blacks and whites add depth and interest and are the easiest tones to anchor a scheme.

Depending on the space you're working with, bright whites and jet blacks will deliver impact due to their contrasting qualities. If you prefer a softer monochromatic scheme, introduce colours in the middle of the spectrum - like greys and charcoals - to help temper the collision of colours.

You should also consider material finishes and surfaces as they should marry with the scheme and not fight against it. A great example is combining matt white walls with glossy black floors or marble kitchen table tops.


The Palette