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Kitchen are rarely recognised for their colour potential, as a highly functional space, it is too often reduced to white walls and tiles, but what if you could combine form and function?

When choosing, kitchen units and appliances, we often take shelter with tones of white and grey to extend their shelf life. They form a neutral canvas, to which we can add personal touches of colour and accessories.

Why not incorporate a colour splash back instead of tiles? Making it easier and inexpensive to update.

Our Kitchen range has an anti-bacterial paint formulation and is easy to clean. The best part? We have a range of colours that create fresh opportunities to introduce personality into the hub of the home. 

Shades of sherbet lemon or muted green can look new and modern if combined with tones of grey and hard materials like concrete and metal. You can also try painting your kitchen cupboards in these tones with our Non Drip Satin range. 

The Palette