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We’ve proudly launched the first sustainable paint packaging

Our sustainable paint packaging

Helping to make a real impact on the environment

Plastic pollution has rapidly become the most dangerous threat to our environment. Mass production of plastics has created over 8 billion metric tonnes – most of it in disposable products. And because plastic waste takes more than 400 years to decompose in landfills, the vast majority still exists in some form.

Crown proudly launched the first sustainable paint packaging made from 100% recycled plastic – helping to make a real impact on the environment. We’re proud to be the first paint manufacturer in the UK to do so and be able to introduce sustainable packaging for the environmentally conscious consumers. 

We’ve also invested in a new innovative manufacturing process to reduce the volume of reusable post-consumer waste (PCW) plastic ending up in landfill unnecessarily. 

The process involves separating polypropylene plastics, such as shampoo bottles, yoghurt pots, water bottles and household appliances, from unusable plastic waste - saving thousands of tonnes of PCW plastic from otherwise ending up in landfill. The PWC plastic is turned into individual pellets, which are then dyed and moulded to create our 2.5L and 5L containers.