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Shades of avocado

Introducing the latest interior trend, avocado-inspired interior.

Transform your home into a picture of health with these fresh, natural tones.

Amongst the interior trends gathering pace is avocado-toned paint. Whilst green has been on the radar for a while now, the notoriously Instagrammed avocado is finally making its debut onto the walls. Move over avocado toast. 

It’s no surprise that the trend has found its feet. The natural shades work exceptionally well at introducing a fresh, calming feel to the home associated with nature, harmony and health. For this reason, it’s a must for the kitchen; in such a busy, multifunctional space, this colour scheme strikes the right balance between soothing and energetic.  
Crown Colour Consultant, Judy Smith, agrees: “In our ever busy urban lives, green is the colour that connects us the most to nature, which is why it’s so important to incorporate it into the home, particularly in busy areas such as the kitchen. Light green tones of avocado and pistachio are really versatile and work well with all sorts of colours and finishes Balance the look with areas of black and white for sophisticated and crisp look, or add metallic touches of brass or bronze for warmth and shine.” 

It’s not just avocado that has been making its comeback in interiors. With the spotlight on more retro colours that were once limited to 80s kitchens and bathroom suites, avocado, bright punchy orange and mustard have undergone a sophisticated, yet fun, revival. Coloured walls and cabinetry offer a great opportunity to explore these playful twists, but if a bold shade seems too daunting, a light green hue can add just as much personality to a room.