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We challenged Mumsnet bloggers to upgrade to a healthier home with the Breatheasy® range.

Mumsnet bloggers try our Breatheasy® range

Thanks to our asthma and allergy-friendly formula, all of the family can enjoy a breath of fresh air.

Decorating a family home isn’t as easy as picking up a brush and taking to the walls. There are the perils of sharp or breakable objects and, often debated by parents, the effects of freshly-applied paint. 

Children who suffer from allergens are often more sensitive to a quick lick of paint, meaning an interior makeover requires that extra bit of planning.  

Understanding the inconvenience of an out-of-action home with little ones, we created our Breatheasy® matt and silk emulsion range which is now certified asthma and allergy friendly®. Low in odour and 99% solvent-free, the Breatheasy® range contains a scientifically-proven formula that helps limit exposure to airborne triggers (see all the science stuff here)

To put it to the test, we challenged three Mumsnet bloggers to make their homes healthy and happy with our Breatheasy® range. 

Read on to see how they got on. 

Mumsnet blogger Five Little Doves embarked on a mission to make her home healthy, focusing on the front room. With a son who’s prone to severe asthma attacks, painting has previously been a struggle for Five Little Doves. However with the Breatheasy® range, she found that “unlike other paint there was no strong smell of solvent, no headache at the end of the day, no stinging eyes or tight chest” and her son didn’t make so much as a wheeze. 

It wasn’t just the lack of VOCs and solvents in Breatheasy® Five Little Doves praised. She also found that the vibrant tones of Stepping Stone instantly uplifted the room while Clay White had a lovely muted tone that complemented and accentuated the feature walls. Read the full review here

Next up is Georgina Clarke - mum to two toddlers and advocate of all things health and wellbeing. With a home refresh on the cards but also small children who suffer from asthma and allergies, the Breatheasy® range was ideal for Georgina. 

She opted for the Breatheasy® Sail White to revive the living room, commenting that it lifted the whole room - making it look brighter, bigger and fresh. Follow her full redecoration here.

The final Mumsnet blogger, A Baby on Board, continued to splash out on colour as she brightened up the family home using the Breatheasy® range. Lavender Cupcake was used for her daughter’s bedroom and thanks to the 99% solvent-free formulation, there was minimal disruption as she was able to sleep there as soon as it dried.

As well as advice on letting children pick their own colours and how to create colour highlights, head to her blog for tips on making the most of the Breatheasy® range.