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Top tips on painting and glossing skirting boards

We put together a complete guide to painting and glossing your skirting boards.

Skirting boards are crucial to finishing a room off, and it is important to paint and gloss the skirting boards to a high standard.

Skirting boards are crucial to finishing a room off, and it is important to paint and gloss the skirting boards to a high standard. It is crucially important to keep them looking fresh in high-traffic areas due to their location as they are susceptible to scuffs and marks.

You’ll need to refresh your skirting boards more often than your walls, and it is a relatively simple job to do.

Remember: If you’re painting an entire room you should leave your woodwork and skirting boards until last.

Ready to get started? Here’s what you’ll need:


The preparation is the most important step in the process of glossing the skirting boards. You’ll need to start by pulling all the furniture away from the walls into the middle of the room and cover them with your dust sheets.

Wipe any dust or grime away from the skirting boards with the sugar soup and wait for it to dry. You may want to lay down some dust sheeting on the floor near the skirting board to protect the floor and run the painter tape across the top of the skirting to protect your walls.

Finally, you’ll want to go over the skirting boards with some sandpaper to smooth the surface out (wear a dust mask for safety) and wipe the excess dust.

Top tip: You may have a carpet and have extra concern for dripping gloss all over it. Simply tape dust sheeting to the floor, so you do not accidentally drag the sheeting away from the wall.

Applying the primer

You’ll need to add Crown Paints quick dry primer to the surface evenly in one direction to ensure a smooth finish. The primer will need to be carefully stirred before use and should be touch dry in 1 hour and recoated in 6 hours if necessary.

Applying the paint

Now it’s time to start applying the paint with your 2” paint brush. You should start at the top of the skirting board, ensuring the brush is not overloaded with the Crown Paints Liquid Gloss. You should apply the paint at a 45-degree angle and run the paints from right to left (or from left to right if you’re left-handed).

Once you have completely covered the top of the skirting board, you should make a start at the bottom and repeat the above process before you go ahead and paint the middle of the skirting board.

You may need to add more than one coat, if so, just repeat the process.

Top tip: Many people advocate using a paint guard to ensure they do not paint any other surfaces. This is fine, but it can cause the carpet to spring back up and touch wet paint, so it is still important to use painters tape as mentioned in the preparation guidelines.

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