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Meet our new colours for 2019

See the stunning new colours added to our colour palette for 2019

We show you how you can showcase these new shades in your home

Meet our new colours

Here at Crown we are passionate about new colour and so it’s very exciting to introduce new shades into our colour palette. From classic or muted to vibrant and bright, these new additions work well with existing shades in our range and when combined, create stunning new looks in the home.

So here they are…our new colours!


Sultry and dark, Aftershow is a timeless grey that is understated but a confident choice.

Powdered Clay

A warm and earthy tone that is not too bright or bold. Evolving from the blush pinks of 2018, this colour is a real talking point in your home. It’s also somewhere you can put your feet up and really relax after a stressful day with a shade that evokes warmth and reassurance.

Spring Bud & Khaki Twist

Great inspiration for your little adventurer. A child’s bedroom can be a room in the home where your creativity with colour can really go wild – but this scheme with two of our new colours strikes a balance between a place to play and a place to sleep.


Our beautiful new shade teal is really complemented by brighter shades to really make a statement in your home.

Soft Ash & Chalky White

A warm dry lilac with calming restorative qualities, a hue so soft it appears chalky. For a bolder look, introduce accents of chartreuse.  Or try with new Chalky White - this is a crisp elegant white that works well with our other new shades.



A muted blue with grey undertones. Mixing a soft dusky pink like Pashmina with a dramatic grey blue hue, this elegant colour combination creates a calm sanctuary for sleep.

If you would like to see what these colours look like in your home you can order a 40ml Matchpot here or test the colour using a Crown Pure Paint Sample.