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Colour trends to brighten your bedroom in 2019

Spring Inspiration

We release our 2019 spring/ summer colour guide - perfect inspiration to update your bedroom decor

With 2019 in full swing you may be fully focused on reaching the lighter and longer days of spring. If you’re looking for a fresh start, it’s worth considering giving your bedroom a decorating overhaul.

So before you crack open that tin of paint, you may want to check out the all new spring trends to start planning your colour palette now.

Here are all the new trends for 2019:



Mashing together contemporary and classic, the redefined look mimics terrazzo, a composite material consisting of cement and marble chip. A celebration of the earth’s resources, it brings a level of sophistication and a contemporary clash of chalky pinks and greys to provide an impact.

This will bring a calm relaxing atmosphere to the bedroom as you unwind in a time machine of style and culture.


The Palette



If you want to bring something a little different to the bedroom, think of the movement trend inspired by urban nightlife. This inspiration was put together with the embodiment of diversity in mind. The graphic shapes bring together global travel and street culture for a captivating backdrop of bold stamps of colour, perfect for bringing some fun to the bedroom.


The Palette



Strong, light and peaceful. These words describe the ocean which inspired the immersed look. Taking the basic elements of life, this colour palette will bring waves of life into the bedroom.

The trend represents time away from the busy schedule of life and allows you to have some time to disconnect and realign. The various shades blur the structure of space and provides a shimmering and reflective look to bring back a timeless classic blue with a contemporary spin.


The Palette

Here’s a behind the scene look as we created the spring and summer 2019 influences:



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