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Top tips to re vamp old furniture

Upcycling is still a thing

Or equally start a new addictive project, we show you some looks that you can grab some inspiration from.

Yep you heard it right – upcycling is still in, and why wouldn’t it be if you were still saving money and making use of old furniture that you were ready to throw out? Or you might enjoy going round car boots and picking up a bargain whilst also starting a new project.

It really doesn’t matter if you are professional of upcycling or a complete newbie to it. We are sure you will find it fun and easy to complete, just like this quick read!

It’s basically making old furniture current and much prettier.

Top tips!

  • If it goes wrong – just paint over it again, you’ll get it how you want it eventually
  • Don’t use a piece of old furniture thinking you will get it back to how it used to be. The point is to make something new from it - and personal to you that no one else will have!
  • You’ll need to do your prep – it makes the paint look nicer! See our video below...


Disclaimer* No furniture was hurt in the making of this article.

And here is what we prepared earlier. If you don’t fancy searching for ideas or struggling what to go for here we have some stunning looks that are easy to re-create.

Colours used above are - Mellow Sage, Soft Shadow Apples and Pears, Canvas white, Cloudburst, & Mellow Green.


Colours used in this look include - Silver Spoon & Sneaky Peek

Colours used are Blue Bay