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We show you how this paint effect can bring calmness to your every day life

Bring calmness into your home, just by using paint!

How painting your room a certain way can bring calmness into your home.

We show you looks that can create a peaceful tranquil environment in your home. So when day to day life can get a little stressful these looks can bring that calming backdrop in your home.

Our Fairytale Ombre effect is becoming increasingly popular in interior design and we certainly love this look for how the subtle graduation of colour and the muted pastel tones help create a serene space which is perfect for reflection.

Colours used are - Chance & Fairy Dust.

You can create a similar look in your kitchen where we have used Lemon Squash and Canvas White.

We particularly love how Lemon Squash is so uplifting yet when mixed and turned to Ombre is also so calming.


To help create either of these looks in your home follow our steps below.

1.To  start, pick your two shades you want to ombre with. Picking the lighter colour first ,paint the whole wall and let this dry fully

2.Next ,taking your second darker shade, apply colour to the bottom portion of the wall

3.On a separate board, mix the two colours together evenly

4.Apply the mixed paint to the middle section of your wall, blurring the dividing line of colour

5.Soften the divide with a clean roller which will blend the colours together

We also have this helpful video to show you too.