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Amazing inspiration ideas using bold orange paint colours in your home.

See the looks we created to help give you some inspiration and tips

How to incorporate a bold orange shade in your home, read more to find out.

Amazing inspiration ideas using bold orange paint colours in your home. 

Orange paints are versatile throughout the home and offer a great choice for all rooms if used correctly. Creating a warm and luxurious atmosphere, there are many different shades to suit different personal styles and tastes.

Becoming an increasingly popular choice for bedrooms and the lounge, orange has developed from just being a colour you would use in the bathroom or kitchen. The colour is known to promote general wellness and will create a calming environment for the family to relax in, making it a perfect mood setter.

Modern colour schemes for bedrooms

Walking into a relaxing environment after a long day at work is a top consideration when painting your bedroom.


Orange and grey

Combining a mix of orange and grey emulsion works really well to create a contemporary feel without the orange seeming too dramatic. The contrast has a more subtle look with warm orange undertones.

Adding several layers of depth to the room using complementary colours such as Old Gold, Copper and City Break, will bring your home up to date and allows you to be creative with your accessories.


Feature walls

Use a feature wall to give a room a focal point.

Bold on-trend shades are designed to complement standard emulsion, meaning that a feature wall can be a powerful colour that clearly stands out from the rest of the room.

For example, Crown Paints Dance Fever, feature wall paint is a perfect complement to light grey tones and creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere.


Bold Saturated Colours

Earlier this year we published our Autumn Winter 2018 Decor Design Trends blog, featuring bold colours sitting side by side to create dynamic and vibrant spaces.

It's a daring move, but if the colours are used well it will create a great atmosphere to relax and throw on that cosy knit in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate, perfect for those cold winter nights!

Wondering what shades will work best in your home? Check out our huge range of sample pots to experiment with.