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Take the hassle out of painting your ceiling with this helpful guide.

Top tips on how to paint a ceiling

We give you a guide on how to paint your ceiling, read more to find out some useful tips!

You may want to freshen up your home or be ready to redecorate the whole room. Painting your ceiling to a high-standard is important in either scenario.

The thought of a potentially awkward and messy job may be putting you off, and it can be really difficult to judge whether you have fully covered the ceiling until it's fully dried.

There's a great sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with decorating your home and painting the ceiling is often necessary as it brings life back to any room. Here are some useful tips to make the job go as smoothly as possible.


Before you begin you will want to make sure you have all the equipment needed to complete the job. Here’s a quick list.

  • Specialist ceiling paint (formulated to be applied easily with fewer drips)
  • Paint brushes in various sizes (for cutting in and tricky corners)
  • Paint roller and extension pole (unless you’re really tall!)
  • Stepladder
  • Old clothes/ coveralls
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Painter tape
  • Water & cloth

Clean and prep

It's important to clear away any cobwebs and use painters tape and plastic sheeting to cover any surfaces you don’t want to paint (for example, vertical walls, large pieces of furniture, floors and skirting). Ensure that furniture has been removed from the room and any items that are too large are moved to the centre of the room and covered with plastic sheeting.

Fixing ceiling stains

If you have ceiling stains, the first priority should be to find the source (it could be a bigger issue if there’s a leak) but stains are straightforward to fix. Here’s a quick guide to eliminate stains before you get started on painting.

  • Remove as much of the contamination as possible by rubbing down the surface using a suitable abrasive cloth
  • Apply a high-quality Stain Block Primer to eliminate stubborn stains and leave to dry overnight for the best finish


  1. Use your step ladder and start cutting in the edges with one of the smaller paint brushes (something like a 2 inch brush).
  2. For a standard ceiling, most of the work can be completed using a roller from the ground with an extension pole. Do not overload the roller to minimise dripping and apply the paint to the ceiling with a light pressure
  3. If you’re using the specialist Crown Ceiling Paint, it will only take 2 hours to be touch dry and ready for the second coat within 4 hours. Apply a second coat to ensure a high-quality finish.


Other useful tips

  • If you’re decorating the whole room, the ceiling should be the first job you do
  • Ensure the extension pole is as short as possible to minimise the weight of the pole and avoid any strains. Also, dampening the roller will help it pick up the paint