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Simple and creative ideas to create the wow factor in your hallway entrance.

Hallway Paint and Decor Inspiration

We have some great Hallway looks to show you, read the article to see what hints and tips we have added.

We all want to make a good impression, and your home should be no different. First impressions matter and the first thing visitors see when entering your home is the hallway.

Choosing your hallway colour scheme is an important first step in creating a warm and homely feel as it sets the tone for the rest of the house. With a wide range of palette colours to choose from, the colour scheme should reflect your personality all whilst taking into account lighting and your desired ‘feel’.

1. Naughty Step

Adding a modern look to any hallway, shades similar to our Naughty Step really come to life with a source of light. Be creative with paint and extend across your woodwork adding a wow factor to the entrance to your home.

Top tip: Add a mirror to the hallway can create the perception of a bigger space. 

Emulsion paint used in the picture: Crown Paints Naughty Step

2. Mellow Green

Adding a touch of the outdoors, the gentle olive colour will create a positive energy the moment visitors enter your home. The vibrant earthy tones work really well in both open and smaller spaces as it will really open the space up to appear visually larger.

Top tip: Add a plant or two to really bring the outdoors into your home!

Emulsion paint used in the picture: Crown Paints Mellow Green.

3. Another Day

Using shades of light grey can feel like the boring option, but it doesn’t need to be. By keeping it fresh and simple, Another Day creates an airy space with the focus being driven towards your home accessories.

Top tip: A room with light walls provides versatility with your home interiors.

Emulsion paint used in the picture: Crown Paints Another Day


4. Half & Half

If bold colours aren’t your thing but you still want to experiment, opting to create a two-tone wall provides an elegant layered look without being too bold. The slight change in neutral tones invites a contemporary feel and still provides an airy space to welcome guests.

Top tip: Pastel shades are a subtle way to introduce new colours into your home without opting for powerful bold colours.

Emulsion paint used in the picture: Crown Paints Apples & Pears


5. No More Monday Blues

If your hallway is too small for any home furnishings, adding colour is a brilliant way to blast away those Monday blues, especially on a dark workday morning. Adding a colourful pastel tone will liven up the hallway without worrying about it clashing with your furniture.

Top tip: Paint the doors, radiator and skirting board for a more contemporary and edgy feel.

Emulsion paint used in the picture: Crown Paint Monday Blues.


Useful Takeaway Tips

Durable Matt Emulsion For High Traffic Area

As one of the main areas of traffic, the hallway can be susceptible to marked walls more than other areas of the home. A home with lots of visitors, children and pets may want to consider a colour from the Durable Matt Emulsion range. Perfect for the family home, our Hall& Stairs matt emulsion is twenty times more scrubbable than standard matt emulsion, protecting the walls from scuffs and marks.

Always Refresh Your Ceiling Paint When Redecorating

This should be the first thing you do before working on your walls. Not sure how to start? The video below will explain how.



Feeling inspired? Check out our huge range of sample pots to help you decide which colour you would like to bring into your home.