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It’s not just paint. It’s personal

What happens when you ask a talented group of designers to explore the Crown colour palette?

See the final room sets, colours and all the behind the scenes action from our colour shoot with some very creative minds

We’re excited to share the images from our recent shoot with some very talented interior designers – who were all tasked with browsing the Crown colour palette and expressing themselves with our colours in any way they wanted to!

Here at Crown, we believe “It’s not just paint. It’s personal”.   We know that when it comes to decorating in the home, picking colours is a really personal choice and helps to create a home that you will really love.   Our panel of designers really brought this to life with their very individual styles and interpretations of our colours, all of which we absolutely love!

The panel shared their own experiences of our project and their views on colour over on their own blogs -  read more from 2LG Studio, Sarah Akwisombe and Abi Dare

Check out all their colour choices, the final room sets and the behind the scenes action here