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It’s not just paint. It’s personal

Making paint personal

At Crown we believe 'It's not just paint, it's personal' because we realise it's about more than just home decoration. Our new campaign introduces @2lgstudio @sarahakwisombe and @thesefourwalls and invites them to share their personal interpretation of our colours.

At Crown Paints, our adage is “It’s not just paint. It’s personal”. Over the past 241 years, this has shaped our vision of colour and helped to form the basis of our business. We understand that paint represents much more than home decorating, it’s an opportunity to create a space that is personal to you.

Like fashion, colour in our homes can be a vehicle for expressing our style and personality. Sometimes it just takes a small leap of faith to consider a colour you truly love, rather than one that simply ‘suits the space’. Chances are that, even though it resides slightly outside your comfort zone, it will suit your space better than you could have ever imagined. 

Like all personal taste, our impression of colour is very individual. We explored this notion by challenging a panel of talented interior designers to see how they interpret colour and, most importantly, how this shapes their designs. We gave them complete creative license – the only rules they had are the measurements of the set. Everything else was up to them.

We invited them to a studio to photograph their individual sets.  To see what they came up with, you can see the results here

Our colourful creators…

Firstly, two of the most colourful names in the industry right now, Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead form the formidable design duo, 2LG Studio. As well as running a design studio in East London and writing a regular column in The Metro, they are also commissioned on a roster of different residential projects, from penthouse apartments near Kew Gardens to one-bedroom flats in Waterloo, London. Their style is utterly distinctive – bold and quirky with a restrained sophistication that anchors every space to make it appear effortlessly cool. Having recently undergone a large renovation in their own home in South London, they are not shy when it comes to a project.

When approached about our challenge, Jordan and Russell said; “we always get excited when we get to play with colour. Colour has been an important part of our design business since we launched five years ago and, without even realising it, we became known for our signature use of colour. It is instinctive to us and it is often the starting point for any design project we take on. We love meeting a new client and thinking about their personal colour palette.”

When asked about colour in general, they told us: “Colour is about expression and joy. It can create emotion and fill a room with atmosphere. It can make you feel proud and energised and happy. We all experience colour in such diverse and unique ways so it becomes very personal.”

You can follow Jordan and Russell on Instagram (@2lgstudio), Twitter (@2lovelygays) or via their website.

Second on our esteemed line-up is interior designer, business owner and fearless colour lover Sarah Akwisombe. From the bright colours of the eBay ads (see it here) to her own ‘colour pop’ residential design projects, Sarah is known for her love of bright, impactful colours. And that means she’s definitely on our wavelength.

Since moving into her East Croydon flat a few years ago, Sarah embraced her passion by quitting her office job and pursuing interior design as full-time career. As well as running one of the brightest blogs on the internet, Sarah also founded the No Bull Business School, which aims to inspire women to build and run their own businesses.

Following on from a project we did with Sarah in 2017, she is back again and ready to take on the challenge of creating a space that is inspired purely by her imagination. When talking about the upcoming project, Sarah said: “I’m looking forward to seeing how each influencer interprets the range of colours. It’s always amazing to me to see the different ways in which people take colour, sometimes the same colour and create something completely bespoke to them.”

Sarah is a lover of bright and bold colours and explains colour is all about “happiness, fun and life. A way to express your personality.”

You can follow Sarah on Instagram (@sarahakwisombe), Twitter (@SarahAkwisombe), Facebook (@sarahakwisombeblog) or via her website.

And our final creator is writer, photographer and interior stylist, Abi Dare. As the founder of ‘These Four Walls’ blog, Abi is famous for sharing design inspiration from her home city of Bristol, and beyond. Her signature style has delicate Scandinavian influences that culminate in an Instagram grid that is calm, relaxing and beautifully sophisticated.

Abi’s approach to the challenge will no doubt be very individual to her style, she tells us: “It’s an excellent way to prove that neutrals needn’t be boring or cold, and show how anyone can have fun with colour, no matter what your taste, home or budget. I’m also very excited about being able to pick from so many gorgeous Crown shades, as the range really is fantastic. I’m like a kid in a sweet shop!”

As a fellow colour lover, Abi continues:

“Colour has a huge impact, not only on the look of a home, but also on the feel. For me it’s a great way to define the atmosphere of a space - whether you want to create a calming sanctuary for relaxing and unwinding, or a vibrant room that’s brimming with energy and personality.

I tend to veer towards more muted colours as I like my home to be soothing and restful, but that doesn’t mean I can’t experiment with different looks. Even if, like me, you prefer a neutral palette, there’s still huge scope for adding interest and character using different shades, or through unexpected colour combinations.”

You can follow Abi on Instagram (@thesefourwalls), Twitter (@these4wallsblog), Facebook (@thesefourwalls) or via her blog.