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We show you some looks and how you can decorate using Teal Green.

Teal Green, the latest colour pop!

Get some looks and styles within this article

How to decorate: Teal Paint

Teal is a beautiful and versatile colour that can bring peace and relaxation to the home.

As it lies somewhere between the spectrum of blue and green, the shade denotes vitality, nature and healing - with obvious connotations of the sea and the tropics. But when combined with other colours - such as Mustard Yellow or Shocking Pink- can create really vibrant living spaces.

It can be mixed with white to make it lighter, or with grey to make it darker, but even on its own it takes ‘green living’ to a whole new level.

Did you know the colour gets its name from a bird that has the same shade around its eyes? It wasn’t until 1917 when someone made use of the name as a colour for the first time. Since then it has gone from strength to strength as a popular colour favoured by many.

Whether it’s the walls, furniture or accessories, there is an abundance of ways to decorate your home with teal paint that will stand the test of time, no matter the era…

Palm Springs & White

Make a real ‘pop’ in your home with bright white and teal, using Palm Springs. The colour white can appear stark against the richness of teal, creating a complementary, vivid contrast that will look gorgeous in any room of the home be it the bedroom, living room or bathroom.


Palm Springs & Mustard Yellow

Even though the shade lies on the softer end of the green-blue spectrum, it’s able to create a substantial impact and grab attention when combined with contrasting colours like yellow, using our Mustard Jar. Let’s be honest, there is nothing understated about this kids bedroom using teal, with a combination of Palm Springs and Mustard Jar.

But teal and yellow is in fact believed to affect the ability to concentrate because of its calming effect on the nervous system.

The Palm Springs colour brings richness into the room without being too overbearing, too loud or bright.

For a grown-ups room, small accessories - like a gold-framed mirror or picture frame - against a teal wall can create a real impact.


Palm Springs & Pink

The colour wheel match to teal is coral pink. But the colour works with all pink hues and can be the perfect palette for a girl’s bedroom. In fact anyone’s bedroom can benefit from a pretty pink and timeless teal combo to create a sense of calm - which is what many of us need to drive away the drama of wardrobe dilemmas!

After all, bedrooms are supposed to be decorated to encourage tranquillity and peaceful sleep; so teal is the ideal colour to decorate them.

But again, if you don’t want to go overboard you can add finishing touches to create the effect such as up-cycling furniture with a touch of a pink colour like Chatterbox

Palm Springs & Neutrals

If pastel shades or inky tones aren’t your cup of tea, you can add teal to your home with neutral shades like grey. The smokey side of teal complements muted tones such as our Grey Putty or Seldom Seen making them a match made in heaven.

It can look quite cold so it is important to keep things balanced by choosing a warm grey.

However, if you are going bold with colour, before you commit the fatal mistake of painting it straight onto your walls; always put up some samples of at least two or three hues on the walls before choosing the winner. Otherwise there’s no going back!

So there you have it, some top tips for decorating with teal paint! If you want any more expert help, check out our Advice section which features expert guides including ‘How to match colours together’, ‘How to paint over wallpaper’ and much more.