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Chrissi Baldwin was on hand on the 31st July 2018 to answer all home interior queries!

Our Colour Expert, Chrissi Baldwin, offered one-on-one consultations to help with your home interior queries

We know finding the right paint colour can be daunting at times.

Finding the right paint colour for your walls can seem daunting. The abundance of choice leaves you staring aimlessly at rows and rows of swatches and whilst it’s tempting to bring endless sample pots home, Crown wants to give you the knowledge and inspiration to select your perfect colour with confidence.

So we brought in the best of the best to do just that - our very own Crown Colour  Expert, Chrissi Baldwin, who previously joined us at the Ideal Home Show 2018. Bringing her expertise once more, on the 31st July, Chrissi helped home décor enthusiasts by answering their interior design questions on Facebook through a Live Messenger Chat.

From bedrooms to bathrooms, Chrissi helped plan colour schemes to suit the homes and personalities of hundreds of you. She tailored her advice and provided inspiration based on homeowners own living space, and personal preference, all from the comfort of Facebook Messenger on their mobile app or desktop!

As a Colour Expert, Chrissi knows how to incorporate colour into any and every room. Looking to add a feature wall but wary of clashing designs? Wanting to brighten a room? Fancy adding a contemporary splash of colour? Whatever the question, Chrissi was on hand to point everyone in the right direction, saving time, money and a mismatched interior!

One customer asked: “We always paint our rooms Magnolia. I’d love to introduce some colour into our hallway to start with. Do you have any suggestions?”
To which, Chrissi advised to look at greys, in particular Silver Spoon in our Halls and Stairs range, as it’s still light and warm as it is with Magnolia. 

Thank you to all your messages during the session, and we wish you all the best in realising Chrissi’s interior design advice in your homes!
Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more live chats like this! Head over to our Facebook page, and drop us a message for any questions to help you on your upcoming projects!