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Read more to find out how and why you can save your money and just buy one product for the job

Multi Surface paint - not just for walls after all.

Muti Surface Paint, how some of our paints are multi use!

It is often believed that you need different paints for different areas in your house, this can be true but there are also products that can cover more than one area in your home. Our products are all unique and have different functionalities but many of them are multi surface and can be used on wood, metal and walls, meaning you can buy one product instead of three.  

Some of our ranges that are multi surface include:

  • Crown Bathroom Paint, this is steam resistant and will stop flaking on walls and keep that freshly painted bathroom look. This product also has Mould guard protection and is steam resistant. You can use this on wood and metal so you can paint your cabinets or shelves or make a feature of a radiator.
  • Our Kitchen paint is wipe-able so you can easily wipe away stains and marks as well as eliminate germs and you’re able to use on wood and metal, just like the up-cycling we did on the drawers below!



Crown Hall and stairs paint – more scrubbable than our standard emulsion,  wipe away scuffs and marks. Again you can also use this product to double up for staircase bannisters, radiators, skirting boards to create that contemporary floor to ceiling one colour look!