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Why you need to use kitchen paint

Why do I need to use kitchen paint?

We tell you why using kitchen paint can help keep a cleaner kitchen

Kitchen Paint

There are many ‘problem areas’ in your house and your kitchen is one of them. We all like to have a nice tidy and clean home and we know this can’t always be the case all the time so little things such as what paint to use can really make the difference in your home, and who doesn’t like something that is easy to clean and maintain.

What Product?

Crown paints Kitchen paint is antibacterial formulation for a cleaner kitchen environment. Steam resistant and grease marks can be wiped clean.


Specially formulated to kill 99.9% of all household germs on the paint surface. Perfect for houses with little fingers where you can easily wipe away sticky marks and fingerprints on the wall.

Our kitchen paint is also a multi surface paint and can be used on interior walls, ceilings, wood and metal.


We want you to get the most from your painted kitchen so we made it easier for you by ensuring that our kitchen paint is easy to wipe, keeping grease and steam at bay. Keeping that freshly painted look for much longer.

To view our kitchen paint colours click here.


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