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Bring an ultra-modern feel to your home with Crown’s new trend for spring, Linear.

Create a beautiful, modern feel in your home with Linear

Our new trend for spring and summer 2018, Linear.

One of Crown’s new trends for SS18, Linear, combines pastel colours with clean lines for a beautiful, sophisticated look. The look is all about clean lines – using a greyed palette of watery blues and muted pink, but sharpening the feel of the room with neat, black lines, perfect for creating an ultra-modern space.

The room takes on a range of pretty, pastel hues including Attingham Blue, Duck Egg and May Queen to create a beautiful, tranquil space but still packing a punch when it comes to a modern feel. If pastel looks are what you’re looking for, we’d leave the look to keeping just the pastel colours. However, to create an ultra-modern space that’s iconic to Linear, we’d then add stripes of our dark grey shade, Rebel to sections of the walls. By adding thin lines of this colour (as pictured), it creates a subtle yet impactful, sophisticated look that suits any home. 


If adding strong lines to your walls feels too bold, you can always create this effect with accents in the room such as your furniture and window frames. To create this look, add Duck Egg and White Pepper to the walls, with Clay White to the ceiling. This still creates the modern, sophisticated feel of our Linear trend, but just slightly more subtle.

Neville Knott, Crown Colour Consultant describes Linear as:

“Linear is about working with the simplicity of straight lines; keeping to slim black outlines in furniture and lighting as well as on walls gives a new and sophisticated look, a modern elegance”.