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Uncover the best kitchen and dining room looks!

Kitchens operate as the heart of the home.

Using Crown Paints colours, uncover the secrets to creating positive looks for your kitchen and dining rooms.

It’s often said that the kitchen is a space that sees as much socialising as it does for cooking, and we have to agree that it’s the real heart of most homes. With this, creating a kitchen/dining space that is fun yet functional is vital and our Spice Mix trend is a modern look, perfect for the hub of your home. Read on to discover more…

Using a combination of Duck Egg, Milk Bottle and Spice Jar, our Spice Mix trend creates a calming backdrop that is interrupted with modern, bright pops of colour which resonates with the fashionable Scandi trend, creating a relaxing, modern space.  

Using softer tones still creates a still, restful aesthetic with hues of yellow that bring a touch of warmth and optimism, perfect for bringing a sense of positivity into your home. For this look, team Lemon Squash, Soft Shadow, Splash of Pepper and Marble Top to create a clean look that will reinvent your kitchen.

Is a Scandi-inspired home what you’re looking for? Take inspiration from our Happy Place trend, a dining room set that bleeds positivity and optimism. Shades of Yellow brings a sense of warmth and joy to an interior. Colours used: Happy Daze and Clay White