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Conceive a new look for your infant’s bedroom

Discover the best looks and colours from Crown Paint’s for your child’s bedroom.

Get inspired and re-create one of our children's bedroom looks.

If you fancy veering away from the classic new born nursery looks of blues and pinks, we have an exciting array of ideas to help you conceive the perfect look for your child’s room.


Neutral tones work particularly well within nurseries and children’s bedrooms. So well in fact that you can get away with using three or four together. Our Gentle Slumber room set is a playful look and provides an idyllic aura for a perfect night’s sleep. Combine Spotlight and Soft Shadow to create this look. 

Creating a duality within a children’s room set provides distinction between playtime and bedtime. Playful Quick Kiss, Chance and Mustard Jar are combined to create a fun, energetic atmosphere whereas the more muted Granite Dust provides a soothing backdrop to the bed end of the room.

The wonderful team at Milk and Poop used Chance, Pashmina and Spotlight within their Peppermint Sugar room set which uses delicate geometric shapes and hand drawn illustrations to form a soft and dreamy room set.