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Arrive into 2018

with our Super Scrubbable Hall and Stairs range

Wonderful Crown Paints shades for a wonderful hallway entrance.

We know that some rooms have to work harder than others – your hall and stairs in particular. For a that freshly painted look that stays looking good for longer, take a peek at some of our Super Scrubbable Hall and Stairs shades.

Mellow Green – Green is a colour that evokes feelings of relaxation and freshness. Mellow Green is an ideal shade to brighten up your interior when winter days are dark. 

Monday Blues – For a unique, eye catching trend, go blue in 2018 for a memorable hallway. Monday Blue’s offers a distinctive theme that really showcases your personality.  Our Hall & Stairs paint range is multi-surface and so can be used on wood and metal work too -  one colour across all creates a harmonious feel.    

Hat Rack – Teamed with a crisp Pure Brilliant White , Hat Rack creates a light and elegant entrance to your home and a backdrop to showcase some new accessories.