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Simple tricks to transform even the smallest of rooms in your home!

When people think of urban living, this is often synonymous with words like: small, noisy and compact. There seems to be an assumption that by living in an urban environment, you have to compromise on space. However, regardless of your square footage, there are simple tricks to transform even the smallest of rooms, so they appear more spacious and airy. Colour, used well, has the power to create illusions; but it’s important to understand how to use it. 

Judy Smith, Crown’s Colour Consultant, shares her top tips for using space-enhancing hues:

“White rooms always look the largest. We often want to stray from the obvious, but the white colour family is the perfect place to start. It is a versatile shade, clashing with very little whilst offering great contrasts to darker shades. An entirely white room may fill you with dread, however with white as your base, you have the freedom to use bolder accents in both your furniture and smaller accessories. If you want to experiment with colour, why not paint an accent wall without making the other walls close in around you? Regardless of the colour or pattern you use, as long as the other three remain white, your room will maintain that open feel.

Pastel shades are also great at giving a space that desirable airy feeling. More feminine pastel hues brighten any space whilst making it look larger. Often considered ‘cutesy’, these colours can sometimes be too much on their own, therefore pair them with tan, beige or cream trims. Why not finish your pastel scheme off with plenty of mirrors to help bolster the illusion of spaciousness?”

It’s important to get the right shades for your space, so take advantage of Crown’s tester pots and Pure Paint Samples to see how they work in your home before making a commitment. We have a wide range of white and cream shades in Matt & Silk Emulsion to choose from, with many lighter pastel shades in a variety of blues, greens, yellows and pinks. Experiment with different colours to see what works for you.

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