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Our Room Specific Paint

There are many paints to choose from, we tell you why and when you should use room specific paints, you might be surprised!

Kitchen Paint

Are you using the right paint in the kitchen?

By using our Kitchen Paint you can keep your kitchen walls looking clean and fresh. By using our special formulation that is antibacterial, our kitchen paint will kill 99% of household germs on the paint surface. Simply wipe away coffee splashes, olive oil and other unsightly marks found in the kitchen and help keep your kitchen looking clean and fresh every day.


Click here to view colours from our Kitchen range.



To help withstand the demands of your bathroom use our specially formulated bathroom paint which has steam and mouldguard technology, fighting the common issues in this room of the home. Our bathroom paint helps prevent mould growth to keep walls looking cleaner for longer.


Click here to view colours from our bathroom range.


Hall and Stairs

Our hall and stairs paint is durable and helps retain that ‘just painted’ look for longer. This paint is great if you have a busy home, and a home with pets and children.

Hall and stairs is twenty times more scrubbable than our standard emulsion. You are able to wipe away scuffs and marks on the paint -  meaning you no longer need to look at football boot scuffs in the porch or hallway or marks left by taking wellies off by the back door.


Click here to view colours from our Hall and Stair range.