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Summer Trends Roundup by Crown Paints

Summer Trends Roundup

Touch upon Crown Paints summer paint trends before the sun sets on the season!

The colour trends for the warmer months this year all reflect the inspiring nature of Spring and Summer - allowing you to stamp individuality onto the walls of your home.

Free Spirit speaks to those who want to step out of conformity and embrace their imagination. With no limits on what you can do, this trend encourages quirkiness and individuality.  So if you feel uplifted by how the aqua blue of Chance looks next to the coral tones of Quick Kiss, then go for it.

For those who like to escape the mundane and introduce a little excitement to life, Fusion mimics that spontaneity and celebrates colour. Instead of deciding on perfectly paired colours, be more daring and try switching up your palette.  By combining colours like Peek-a-Boo Blue and Chartreuse Mix, the vivid visuals should inject some energy into your walls.

If this time of year invokes something more subtle for you, then Stillness offers a calming moment away from the hectic nature of busy lifestyles and works by connecting individuals to the present. By combining colours like Splash of Pepper, Chaise Longue and Sunrise, the space will be transformed into one that offers a moment of serenity and seeks to restore balance.

So whether you strive to let your imagination run wild without restriction, draw energy and inspiration from the clashing colours that surround you, or simply lust after a moment of tranquillity, these summer trends can bring just that into your home.