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Create a Mural effect in your home!

Incorporate mountainous serenity and neutral tones for a theme full of character

Move away from the hard edges of colour blocks and feel a touch of creativity setting in, by crafting a simple but effective mural on your walls to create a space of escapism. Neutral tones need not be boring when used in an inventive way.

Bringing a mural of mountainous serenity into your home will add an artistic but peaceful space that seeks to connect you to the natural world. This unique paint effect uses neutral tones to craft an element of intrigue and character into your room through layering.

Begin by painting the entire wall with ‘Forgotten Paradise’ before hand-drawing wild peaks to add authenticity. Layer other neutral tones over the top to bring the mountains to life. We think that Dash of Nutmeg, Hare, Soft Shadow and City Break from our Matt Emulsion range work perfectly for this.

To make the most of this tranquil space, try adding green accents and wooden touches throughout your room to replicate the calming experience of a mountainous retreat and the natural feel of the outdoors. Watch our video below!