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Make your mark with colours

in the garden with Michael Perry

Take inspiration from garden colours and Make Your Mark with Crown Paints!

As we celebrate the use of colour in our homes, we can’t forget about the array of shades that can be seen outside, within our gardens and courtyards. So we invited Mr Plant Geek, aka Michael Perry, to explore the relationship between our shades and outdoor spaces, picking out beautiful flower arrangements inspired by our colours.

Michael calls for you to be brave with colour combinations. By using this stunning field of pink and yellow tulips at the Dutch bulb gardens of Keukenhof as inspiration.
Mustard Jar – Yellow 
Green shades create a healthy, organic theme. Perfect for the summer! 

Why not bring the summer inside? Marry warm orange and red hues for a vivid look. Discover the full selection of Matt and Silk Standard Emulsion.
Head over to Michael’s blog to read more.