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New Trend


If you’re looking to create a serene, sophisticated space in the home, the colours in this trend will combine in a room to relax the mood and help you forget the disruptions of life

Spring has sprung and has brought with it some exciting new trends for the season, including the calming and balanced palette of Stillness. Stillness enhances mindfulness and the need to relax in a busy world.

Our Stillness collection is made up of a range of pigmented pastel paints in subtle but uplifting tones. These serenely sophisticated colours can be used throughout the home, alone, together or contrasting with other paint colours.


Shades of Stillness: Pale Gold, English Manor, Botanical Extract, Sunrise, Silver Spoon, Roof Garden, Splash of Pepper, Chaise Longue.

Bring a lightness and tranquillity into your kitchen with clean lines using soft colours as shown here using Lemon Squash and Marble Top.


Kitchen calm: Lemon Squash

You could also introduce a little peace into your living areas using this soothing graduated effect featuring one or more colours from the Stillness trend. This yellow adds warmth and freshness to an otherwise neutral wall.


Find out more about the Stillness trend.