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Colours of


As it’s Valentine’s day this month, we thought we’d take the opportunity to explore some paint colours inspired by love itself.

For those traditional romancers, warm and deep tones of red like these make ideal shades for all things amore. However, reds and pinks are not the only option for setting the mood.

Colours of Love – English Fire, Shocking Pink, Quick Kiss, Rose Envy


Fifty Shades

Inspired by the current blockbuster movie as well as pre-technicolour flicks such as Casablanca and From Here to Eternity, flirt with grayscale, play with a muted palette. You can easily add vivid pops of colour with soft furnishings, but with monochrome painted walls as a base, you can mix up your look a little more frequently if you fancy it. This décor is both classic and contemporary simultaneously.

Rebel – Black Wall 

Canvas White – White Wall 

Deep Jewel Tones

Rich and deep jewel toned paints can feel a little intense to choose for your home, but used for feature walls or detailing they can be inviting and sumptuous. This deliciously deep purple is both warm and indulgent. Perfect for a romantic, home-cooked meal for two in your dining room.



Whatever the colours you love are, have a wonderful Valentine’s day!