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Expressing yourself with subtle colours

Ideal subtle shades to make your room stand out...

Say more with subtle shades to create a soft and tranquil scheme.

Colours don’t always need to be big and bold in order for your room to stand out. The age old saying of “less is more” can be apt when looking at potential colour schemes. Bold colours may appear confident, but if subtle tones are more your style, you can still make an impression and enhance the softness of a scheme’s furnishings and fittings.

See Carrie. The shade partners perfectly with the wooden fittings and, working alongside a fabric sofa, the room appears soothing, welcoming and comfortable. Part of our current Skyscapes trend, Carrie works here with Blue Gravel to conjure up tranquillity in any room.


An ideal scheme for living rooms is Sunday School, a neutral yet classy tone which works particularly well against darker furnishings. With a flat matt finish on walls, Sunday School is also available in Eggshell and looks great on wooden skirting boards, radiators and wall panels – matching your wood and metal paint with the walls creates a contemporary, restrained and sophisticated look.