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Tranquillity in the Bedroom

Create your peaceful bedroom...

Your bedroom should be a tranquil getaway from the stresses of your day.

If you want to create a calm and peaceful oasis in the bedroom with natural colours, this on-trend sage green shade, could be the perfect choice. We associate this organic-looking shade with nature, creating an instant feeling of tranquillity and calm, perfect for a bedroom to unwind. 

In this bedroom, Alliance, a mellow leaf green is used in the alcove to accentuate the features of the room, and make the most of the space, whilst the other walls painted in Honey Dip add light and brightness. 

These delicate colours can easily complement black or espresso-finish furnishings in your home, as shown in this room on the headboard and ornaments. Add a pop of dark gold or grey to instantly give a look of luxury and elegance. 

This bedroom uses the rich and creamy Gallery White to create a refreshing look with a touch of class. To add depth to this look, add textured furnishings to give it a sophisticated finish, as shown in this bedroom with the throw and rug.