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How colour affects your mood

Perk yourself up with colours…

Does your dining room make you hungry? Does your bedroom make you feel amorous? Ever wondered how the colour in your home can make you feel?

The major decision when decorating, is picking which colour to go with. ‘Will it match my furniture? Will it go with the carpet? What will it look like on my wall? What do you mean there’s more than one shade of dark maroon?’

You’d be surprised how much choosing a blue backdrop to your office can benefit your work ethic or how green can promote a restful, calming effect.

Red has always been associated with anger, green with envy and purple associated with romance, however adding these colours to your walls can have very different results.


The colour blue can have amazing benefits on your mood, promoting concentration, calmness and serenity. If you want the perfect accompaniment to any hard workers room, then blue is the perfect tone for your wall.


If you’ve been looking for the perfect conversation spark in your dining room then red is the way to go. It can be the perfect social stimulant for your next dinner party, promoting energy, socialising, and appetite, so be warned…


For the wildlife lovers out there, green is the perfect accompaniment to your bedroom wall. Representing nature and balance, its best use is in your bedroom due to its calming and comforting nature.


The best shade of colour for any energetic folk who love their home to match their personality. Painting yellow on your walls promotes energy, happiness and attention. If you need a bit more of a kick getting ready in the morning, adding a touch of yellow to your kitchen is the perfect way to perk yourself up along with your morning coffee.

Whether you’re looking for a concentration aid, conversation starter or an energy boost, colour has more of an impact on your mood than you think, and using it wisely around your home can completely transform your outlook on the day.

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