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Design Detox

Simple, Elegant, Genius

If you’re looking for a new home makeover idea or you’re aiming to declutter and save space, then a design detox could be the perfect match for you and your living space.

You can bring this idea into your own home in a couple a different ways. The first is to take a less-is-more-approach, embracing calmer colours. When mixed with a simple furniture layout, you can create a beautiful, bright lounge with plenty of room and relaxing, breathable space. 

Tip: If you’re trying to reduce the amount of stuff you have, be ruthless. Only keep things you think are useful, beautiful or hold sentimental value. You don’t need to rest. Sell it or give it away.

If you hate clutter and love a minimalist – contemporary style then a design detox can bring together calmness, order and simplicity.

For those with an eye for boldness and colour, then bright colours in a minimalist room setting can bring more attention to your favourite furniture.

Channelling all of the bright colour to one wall is great for focusing attention to a single part of the room off set with a lighter and more neutral shade

When cutting back on the amount of furnishings in your room, using colour as a backdrop to create a focal point for your favourite shelving unit, chair or cabinet is a brilliant way to embrace your home’s décor whilst maintaining a simple and elegant style. 

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