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The Hempel Foundation

The Hempel Foundation

In 1928, JC Hempel established The Hempel Foundation. A commercial foundation and owner of the Hempel Group.

Whilst the Foundation’s primary purpose is to provide and maintain a solid economic base for the Hempel Group, its secondary purpose is to provide assistance for cultural, humanitarian, scientific and artistic purposes.

With a special focus on education for children in need, the Foundation supports education across the four areas of:

  • Building new schools
  • Helping child labourers to leave work and pursue an education
  • Improving local schools
  • Developing and running after school education clubs

Today the Hempel foundation supports the education of over 55,000 children across 22 projects worldwide.

As part of our commitment to the Foundation and the work it does, each year Crown Paints employees are encouraged to take an active role in corporate responsibility by volunteering their time to the Hempel Foundation’s Educational Projects across the world.

More information on past projects can be found here:

2017 – Tanzania, Africa.

Despite enrolling almost 98% of all children in primary school, children in Tanzania still leave school in large numbers due to poverty, violence, and other factors. More than 1 third of children leave school without passing national exams.

This Hempel Foundation led project is working  to improve the quality of education for children in Ingra, rural Tanzania, by directly addressing professional gaps in teachers capacity and motivation. The project aims to improve retention rates through targeted efforts that will improve learning for all children.

Key Facts

  • 1200 children who are out of school or about to drop out of school will be identified and helped back into education.
  • 3000 children at primary school age will benefit from the programme.
  • 8 schools will receive small renovations
  • 8 schools will get teacher training, new teaching materials and a better learning environment.


In May 2018 the Volunteer group will be heading to Peru, South America, where the aim will be to develop and implement a bilingual education. More information coming soon.