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In 2012 we embarked on a partnership with NIMTECH, a social enterprise providing employment opportunities for the hard to reach, and long term unemployed in the community. 

From a base at our headquarters in Darwen, NIMTECH provide waste recovery and recycling services to the whole of our UK operations, including our network of over 130 Crown Decorating Centres.

Supporting the circular economy, the partnership represents a move away from just making, using and disposing of goods and instead keeping them in use for as long as possible, then recovering and regenerating the associated products and materials accordingly.

Along with providing support in managing, minimising and recycling our waste, the NIMTECH team also play a key part in some of our national recycling initiatives such as our Kick out the Can campaign and our Can Back service.

With NIMTECH’s role developing across the company, we’ve recently expanded the operations and introduced a second NIMTECH team to our Hull site.

The introduction of new granulating machinery adds a new dimension to our capabilities with NIMTECH, enabling our team to prepare on site all used plastic containers, which are then ready for reprocessing. The plastic is granulated down into small pieces, which are then bagged and sent off site for reconstituting into new plastic products.

This on site facility means the need for bulk transportation is no longer required, therefor removing the large scale transport and mileage implication for thousands of containers.